Weekly Trading Competition - Season 8

Join weekly World Store Trading Competition to earn points and cash rewards for swaps, bridges, and On-Ramp transactions.

Apr.15.2024 - Apr.22.2024
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Top 500 Leaderboard - Season 8

RankAddressTrading VolumeCash Reward (USDT)Points Reward
10x45...9fdc$ 4,520.64315.0980,000
20x65...4a3d$ 4,418.98162.0760,000
30x22...7db6$ 4,245.7799.0530,000
40xd6...5cd5$ 4,051.6443.4410,000
50x89...6a37$ 3,998.0743.4410,000
60xe7...fe42$ 3,991.5543.4410,000
70x22...58a3$ 3,973.8943.4410,000
80x75...b848$ 3,963.2443.4410,000
90x23...29e6$ 3,240.2243.4410,000
100xa7...c20f$ 3,239.8543.4410,000
110x6e...3272$ 3,137.8235,000
120xc4...a433$ 2,574.87535,000
130xf0...7a2a$ 1,647.935,000
140x3b...26cf$ 1,635.3335,000
150x46...f4c3$ 1,615.3735,000
160xcc...66a5$ 1,600.1535,000
17h2pz...zveq$ 1,393.18235,000
180x4c...9d58$ 1,305.6735,000
190xb4...0568$ 1,298.6235,000
200xc7...f203$ 1,287.0735,000
Tips: Leaderboard rankings, trading volume, and points are updated live. Cash rewards, which consist of transaction rewards and a fixed bonus, are refreshed every 24 hours.

Price Pool Season 8


Points Reward

301.81 USDT

Transaction Reward

1,000 USDT

Fixed Price Reward

Competition Rules

Welcome to the World Store Trading Competition Season 8!

  • World Store is hosting a weekly trading competition to reward early participants with points, transaction fee shares and cash rewards.
  • Rewards are based on trading volume rankings, including swaps, bridges, and on-ramp transactions across any chain.

More guides can be found in the FAQ Section.

Your Reward Session

Season 8
Points Reward
0 Points
Cash Reward
$0.00 USDT
Tips: You can claim your season rewards after every Monday 3AM UTC.

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